Diesel Card Ireland

The DCI Card is the ideal solution for fleets operating across Ireland with the largest network on the market, making sure your tanks are always topped up.

Keeping your vehicles on the road

With over 1,000 sites nationwide, the DCI Card provides access to the largest network in Ireland. It’s the ideal choice for drivers and fleet managers requiring minimum route deviation to find a suitable filling station.

The DCI Card, at a glance

  • Access a national network of 1,000 sites, the largest available in Ireland, including all motorway network sites
  • Purchase diesel at favourable, commercial rates
  • Enjoy access to top forecourt brands including Esso, Texaco and Topaz
  • Manage your account online via the market leading Velocity
  • Plan your journeys online via e-route, accessible through our Smartphone app or download the content straight to your SatNav.

The Network

network-iconUsers of the DCI Card have access to a network of more than 1,000 sites nationwide, the largest available from any provider in Ireland. This means drivers won’t have to waste time and fuel looking for suitable filling sites, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum hassle. You’ll also have access to the DCI network across Northern Ireland and the UK Fuels network in Britain.

Fuel Pricing

pump-price-euroEnjoy some of the most competitive diesel prices available with our fixed commercial pricing structure. Twice weekly the price you pay will change in line with the oil market.

As a customer you also have the option of being notified of price changes completely free by email or by SMS, so you always know exactly what each litre costs.



Fuel cards are the most secure option for purchasing business fuel. The DCI Card is extra secure with PIN protection and, with Velocity account management, unusual or suspicious purchases can be quickly identified, flagged and appropriate action taken.


invoice-iconWith all DCI fuel cards, you’ll receive a consolidated, Revenue-approved invoice. This means fuel administration is reduced, claiming back VAT is simple and relying on driver receipts becomes a thing of the past.

E-billing and direct debit capabilities mean keeping on top of fuel spend becomes a once-a-month job.


reporting-iconVelocity account management system comes with all DCI fuel cards. It provides comprehensive reporting in a variety of formats ensuring you’ll have complete control over fuel spend to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

Plus, you can manage multiple cards and run transaction reports, whether grouped by driver, vehicle or by location giving you a complete picture of where your drivers are filling up.

Discover more ways Velocity can make your life easier here.

Map Options

mapping-iconReceive unlimited and complimentary access to our e-route site locator. With a desktop version for office-based workers and a Smartphone app and SatNav downloads for those on the road, finding the nearest station to fill up is always quick and simple. Find out more here.

Why Choose DCI?

There’s never been a better time to make DCI your fuel card provider. Here are just three reasons why:

  • We have the largest network of filling stations available in the country
  • Industry leading software Velocity and e-route comes as standard with all our cards
  • We have no minimum monthly spend and issue our cards free of charge.

See more reasons why we’re industry leaders here.

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