New to fuel cards

Why Fleets Benefit

If you run a fleet, but aren’t using fuel cards, you could be costing your business money.

DCI Fuel Card

The other options – cash, company credit cards or reimbursing driver expenses – are inefficient, admin intensive and open your business up to fraud.

Only with a fuel card will you receive important information on how your fleet is running, allowing you to analyse fuel spend quickly and easily, whilst identifying areas of inefficiency that need addressing. This could include driver training or vehicle maintenance.

Save time

Save Time with DCI Fuel CardsAdministration becomes less labour intensive when you use a fuel card. For one, you no longer have to hold on to driver receipts to organise reimbursements or claim back VAT on diesel. This will save considerable time and money through reducing errors or inaccuracies.

You’ll also no longer have to contend with reimbursing driver expenses or checking claims against kilometres/miles per journeys.

Save money

pump-price-euroWith a fuel card all transactions are logged and recorded allowing for detailed monitoring, which is the first step towards making savings. An inefficient driver or vehicle can be identified and measures taken to correct it.

Moreover, fuel cards can provide access to exclusive savings through fixed commercial prices across our network.

Security benefits

As well as efficiency and cost savings, fuel cards also offer peace of mind with a host of security features and benefits:

DCI Fuel Card Security

  • Eliminate driver fraud by making false fuel expense submissions impossible
  • Protect your drivers by eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash
  • PIN protection
  • Set spending limits to keep on top of fuel budgets
  • Match fuel cards to specific vehicles or drivers to protect against fraud and identify areas of fuel inefficiency.